Extra Activities

Speak English after class

Improving your English is not only about time in the classroom. This is why we offer many different opportunities to practice speaking English outside of lesson time.  Perhaps you love golf, or shopping in London or English pubs and beer? Perhaps castles and culture are more your thing? The choice is yours.

You can choose activities which are sporty, cultural, or just relaxing. It really doesn’t matter what you do. The key thing is that you talk to local people in English.  Activities can be done with an EXE English ‘buddy’, an instructor-buddy, or your teacher.  A ‘buddy’ is someone selected by us for their friendly approach and genuine enthusiasm in helping you practise English. Whether you are with a buddy or your teacher they will gauge the level of corrections needed and make sure you get the best out of your day.
Our activities typically involve time for a breather just to talk. This could be during lunch or dinner or perhaps over a cup of tea.

Cultural Activities Duration Approximate Cost in £
Half day  £150
Half day  £120
Baking and Enjoying an English Tea   Half day  £95


Sport Duration Approximate Cost in £
2 hours  £95
Tennis 2 hours  £95
Walking (2-3 people) 3 hours  £45


For Families Duration Approximate  Cost in £
Theme Park Half Day  £150
Sailing 3 hours (per person)  £40
Farm Visit Half Day (per family)  £57

Other great activities Duration Approximate Cost in £
Horsham Brewery visit 2-3 hours/evening  £35
Dine with a local at home Evening  £35
Art tour Half day  £55


Please ask us about any activity not listed above that you are interested in doing and we will try to arrange it. Prices given are approximate and will be confirmed once your individual arrangements are made.